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stripling n. 青年,小伙子

同义词:boy, youth, lad, youngster


He is a mere stripling of 18.



For the leaders of America Inc, high inflation is unwelcome. It is also unfamiliar. Warren Buffett, 91, the oldest boss in the S&P 500 index of big firms, most recently warned about the dangers of rising prices in his annual shareholder letter for 2011. The average chief executive of a company in the index, aged a stripling 58, had not started university in 1979 when Paul Volcker, inflation’s enemy-in-chief, became chairman of the Federal Reserve. By the time the average boss began working the rise of globalised capitalism was ushering in an era of low inflation and high profits (see chart 1 on next page). Their firms’ share prices rose between the global financial crisis of 2007-09 and the covid-19 pandemic, a decade of rock-bottom inflation.

对于美国公司的领导来说,高通胀既令人陌生也不受欢迎。91岁的沃伦·巴菲特是指数大公司标准普尔500指数最年长的老板,他最近就其曾于2011年年度股东函件中提到价格上涨的危险提出警告。1979年,通胀的头号敌人保罗·沃尔克(Paul Volcker)担任美联储主席,该指数公司的执行官平均年龄为58岁,均是还没有上大学的小伙子。当普通老板开始工作时,全球化资本主义的兴起正迎来一个低通胀、高利润的时代(见下页图1)。他们公司的股价在2007年至2009年全球金融危机和covid-19疫情之间上涨,这是十年通胀的最低点。