四书 The Four Books

《大学》 The Great Learning

《中庸》 The Doctrine of the Mean

《论语》 The Confucian Analects

《孟子》 The Works of Mencius

《论语》The Confucian Analects


It is indeed a pleasure to acquire knowledge and, as you go on acquiring, to put into practice what you have acquired.


A greater pleasure still it is when friends of congenial minds come from afar to seek you because of your attainments.


If a man will constantly go over what he has acquired and keep continually adding to it new acquirements, he may become a teacher of men.


Study without thinking is labor lost. Thinking without study is perilous.


A wise man is impartial, not neutral. A fool is neutral but not impartial.


To know what it is that you know, and to know what it is that you do not know, —that is understanding.辜鸿铭 译

《孟子》The Works of Mencius


Thus when Heaven is going to give a great responsibility to someone, it first makes his mind endure suffering. It makes his sinews and bones experience toil, and his body to suffer hunger. It inflicts him with poverty and knocks down everything he tries to build. In this way Heaven stimulates his mind, stabilizes his temper and develops his weak points.


He who loves others is constantly loved by them. He who respects others is constantly respected by them.理雅各 译

五经 The Five Classics

《诗经》 The Book of Songs/The Book of Odes

《书经》(《尚书》) The Book of History

《易经》(《周易》) The Book of Changes

《礼记》 The Book of Rites

《春秋》 The Spring-Autumn Annals

《诗经》The Book of Songs

《关睢》节选 GUAN JU



Guan-guan go the ospreys,

On the islet in the river.

The modest, retiring, virtuous, young lady :

–For our prince a good mate she.

《子衿》ZI JIN







O you , with the blue collar,

Prolonged is the anxiety of my heart.

Although I do not go [to you],

Why do you not continue your messages [to me]?

O you with the blue [strings to your] girdle-gems,Long , long do I think of you.

Although I do not go [to you],

Why do you not come [to me]?

How volatile are you and dissipated,

By the look-out tower on the wall!

One day without the sight of you,

Is like three months.

《击鼓》节选 JI GU



For life or for death, however separated,

To our wives we pledged our word.

We held their hands;

—We were to grow old together with them.

理雅各 译

典籍名著 Ancient Books

《史记》 Records of the Historian

《山海经》 The Classic of Mountains and Rivers

《本草纲目》 Compendium of Materia Medica

《资治通鉴》 History Retold as a Mirror for Rulers

《西厢记》The Romance of West Chamber

《三国演义》 Romance of the Three Kingdoms

《水浒传》 Outlaws of the Marsh

《西游记》 Journey to the West

《红楼梦》 A Dream of Red Mansions

《聊斋志异》Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio

《史记》Records of the Historian


The peach and the plum do not speak, yet a path is born beneath them.

燕雀安知鸿鹄之志哉! 《史记•陈涉世家》

Can a sparrow know a wild swan’s ambition?杨宪益 译

《红楼梦》A Dream of Red Mansions




Her eyes sparkled with tears,

her breath was soft and faint.

In repose she was like a lovely flower mirrored in the water;

in motion, pliant willow swaying in the wind.

杨宪益、戴乃迭 译

《西厢记》The Romance of West Chamber


They remove in a moment dish and cupThe cab goes down, the horse goes up.

晓来谁染霜林醉? 总是离人泪。

Why like wine-flushed face is frosted forest red? It 's dyed in tears the parting lovers shed.许渊冲 译

《弟子规》Standard for Students

弟子规 圣人训 首孝悌 次谨信

These standards for students are guidelines,

handed down to us by Ancient Stages.

First, obey and care for your parents,

and then practice true brotherhood.

泛爱众 而亲仁 有余力 则学文

Learn to be careful and honest,

and cherish all living beings.

Draw near to good-hearted people,

and study whenever you can.

父母呼 应勿缓 父母命 行勿懒

When mother and father are calling,

answer them right away.

When they give you instructions,

obey them without hesitation.

父母教 须敬听 父母责 须顺承

When your parents need to instruct you,

respectfully do as you’re told.

Whenever your parents must scold you,

acknowledge your errors and faults.

冬则温 夏则凊 晨则省 昏则定

In the winter make sure they are warm,

in the summer make sure they are cool.

Each morning cheerfully greet them,

at night see their rest is secure.

佚名 译

《三字经》Three-character Scripture


Man on earth, good at birth.

The same nature, varies on nurture.


With no education, there'd be aberration.

To teach well, you deeply dwell.


Then Mencius' mother, chose her neighbor.

At Mencius sloth, she cut th' cloth.


What's a father? A good teacher.

What's a teacher? A strict preacher.


No jade crude, shows craft good.

Unless you learn, brute you'll turn.


Son of man, mature you can.

Teacher or peer, hold them dear.


Aged four years, Rong proffered pears.

Bear in mind, fraternally be kind.


Head hung high!

Needled his thigh! Not pushed,

they kept working away.

赵彦春 译

来源 于21世纪英文报