文章导读: 在真正的人工与机器翻译对决中,人,注定让机器相形见绌。拥抱AI,我从来不会,也注定将背道而驰。

In fact, you do not have to think about travel around the world


By Marry


Yesterday when I was chattering with my friend, she speak of people that she worship because her idol think since the end of the world is coming it better to put the work away to travel around the world or write some books. When I heard “travel around the world”, I almost spat out my favorite mung bean porridge and felt surprised “why is travel around the world again!” I do not mean to belittle my friend’s idol at all. However, I have heard “travel around the world” too many times recently. Old couples sell their house to travel around the world, the youth quit their job to travel around the world, a handsome boy eat all over the world with a bag (I envy this boy, not for his handsome but for the delicious food)…… I want to say; in fact you do not have to travel around the world.


If you don’t have the ability to find the beauty around you, it is useless to go to places that are in far distance.


Go to Tibet in a crowed train that you pay much money on the ticket, line up to enter the Potala Palace, take photos for the pilgrims with cameras. What is the point when you are back you said you have received the baptism of the soul, you can not bear the dirty air in urban and you have to line up to get the Haagen-Dazs mooncakes.


When I was drinking rock tea in the Wuyi Mountain, a tea master asked me: whether you have taste the rock flavor? I was shocked at that time, because I often drink tea, but never think about that the smell of tea is from the soil and earth that we stamp on every day.


So I began to have my head in the clouds: we do not know how many years has the taste been stored on the earth, from the earth block, through earth, tree roots, leaf vein, dew, blue sky, labor’s hands, cloth bags, fired tripod, boiled spring, ceramic pot and teacup, it was put into my mouth finally.


Once there was a student asked me what is my dream? I said: eat well, dress well and have a good life. I live in my dream now.


Why we make our dreams and life oppose to each other? We have to sell our house to travel around the world, have to quit our job to climb mountains , have to complain about dirty air to show that your lung is clean, have to break cups to declare the end of the world……In fact we do not have to do so.


I chatted with my old friend who was on a business trip on weekend. We walk along alameda, the autumn wind is cool and the sunshine is shining. And then we had a dinner at another friend’s home. Lying on the sofa in the living room to have a rest, I heard the creaking sound when people chopped vegetables in the kitchen, the swoosh sound when people washed vegetables, the sizzle sound when people put food into pot and voice call when people chatted. When night in big city comes, this kind of sound makes me feel secure and comfortable. It is not second to chirp of insects and chant in the temple.


Old friend who is on a business trip can go to other places to play, but because of this city she thinks of you and willing to walk with you, listen to your words. Friend who was once completes strangers, but after happened to meet at a party is willing to make a dinner for you. I feel happy and this kind of happy is irreplaceable.


In fact, you do not have to think about travel around the world, do not have to look for a farm to feed horses and chop firewood. In everyday life if you eat a dumpling with pork, leek and shrimp and feel happy, and be able to appreciate the taste of it, then dumpling is your another world; if you can relax yourself with your friends at weekends, and enjoy a different life, then you may have traveled around the universe without relying on anything.